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Phone: You can talk to us at 972-231-8112.

Note: We may not pick up the phone if we do not recognize the phone number. We receive too many spam callers from sales people or recordings. Please leave us a message with a good phone number and time to call you back and we will do so promptly.

Location: Our location is 400 N. Bowser, Ste 2 Richardson TX, 75081

Payments are made to:

Buyers' Group MG
P.O. Box 851981
Richardson, TX 75085

About BG Design

BG Design div. of Buyers' Group MG specializes in web site design and maintenance for intelligent small and medium growth businesses.

We provide personal service at reasonable fees where you can talk directly to the project manager or programmer here in the USA near Dallas.

We've been designing complex GUI, functional and web systems since 1993 with programming education from 1970.

Our successful business clients include multi-million dollar companies who enjoy our broad expertise in design, graphics, functionality, ecommerce and promotion to build and promote fast, maintainable, easy-to-navigate communicative sites that SELL--- at an affordable price.

We keep sites fresh with quick turnaround on minor changes, adds and deletions to keep the web site current while managing webmaster tasks for backup and performance.

We help companies with moderate budgets grow into successful companies by keeping sites interesting, attractive, functional and maintainable.

Our long experience in business with emphasis on effective sales ad copy content for promotion, testing, search engine optimization and web propagation--- can help create success in the increasingly competitive web marketplace.

We will listen carefully to you and make suggestions where appropriate to design a site that fits your business needs.

For an effective yet easy-on-the-budget web site, a variety of web site templates are available for you to choose from, at a 25% discount, which we can customize to your needs and tastes. We also do full custom websites. A combination of template and custom work may be the most cost effective approach. We also have much experience with online payment systems and shopping carts and online catalogues.

You can sum us up as easy to talk to, ready to listen and do what can work for you the first time at a moderate price while keeping your future maintenance costs down.

We want to work with serious business people who don't mind following standard high-level business principles (strategy, budgeting, testing, outlining, integrating) and who want to grow while appreciating talent and experience you won't find anywhere else at competitive prices.

About Buyers' Group MG

Buyers’ Group marketing and consulting (now Buyers' Group MG) was first established in 1985 in the Dallas, Texas area, presently in Richardson Texas. We began business consulting and programming originally in 1977 as IBM-approved 3rd party programmers working with retailers, distributors, contractors and service bureaus on early automated retail transaction systems. A principal designed and implemented Verizon's (MCI’s) main GUI graphical facilities engineering schematics system, SiteVu. We've managed IT departments for large companies with 7 divisions.

Web-Success is the Internet Business Consulting and Web Promotion division of Buyers Group focused on web business, e-commerce, promotion and web site standards, and applying proven direct-mail testing principles to web site design and promotion.

The Principals of Buyers' Group hold Cum Laude degrees in math and physics with computer and business electives, and are highly experienced in management, computers and internet marketing, and have managed both small businesses and major departments of large corporations. The two principals have combined 78 years of business experience, trained in programming since 1970.

We know internet methods by long experience from the mid 1990’s plus research and testing of our own and clients’ web sites. Our client list includes substantial corporate clients.

Clients appreciate our accessibility, reasonable prices, reliability and experience to help avoid problems and reduce maintenance costs by designing right the first time for effective marketing and usefulness. Our pricing is competitive.

Our primary goal is working with intelligent clients who can see the big picture and like to do things right, methodically with a long term view and web strategy integrated into their business strategy... to help them grow and profit.

Our emphasis is on good design, maintainability, strong strategies, market research, testing and standards balanced with technical proficiency.

We work efficiently by clearer communications, estimates, project momentum, statements of work and scheduling.

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