How Much Does Website Design, Creation or Redesign Cost?
Many factors determine costs of design-creation or updating:
  • Whether using a quality well-coded Template
  • the extent of customization (whether template, from scratch, functionality)
  • Whether building a new website as custom or semi-custom, or
  • Redesigning an existing complex, custom or relatively simple site,
  • The type of software/platform to be used,
  • Whether some of the old code or sections can be retained,
  • The budget and resources available to upkeep and promote it.

These are only SOME of the factors to be considered for a decision.

We often find that a client can save money and time by customizing a quality template to the look and content they want.
Or we can clean and simplify the code to save time and money on design and updates

We will explain "direct costs" and the costs of different choices, but
we want to make four major "cost" points very clear:
  • Basic direct costs are usually less than long-term costs and impacts of a badly-designed costly-to-maintain site and wasted years trying to make it work and adjust it. The business impact is huge: It gives the wrong message or fails to communicating with customers while damaging company morale, taking time from other work. It may even confuse, mislead or impede a better marketing strategy.

  • There's a lot to know relating to indirect costs about design priorities, possible pitfalls-risks/vulnerabilities, compatibility, transportability, hosting and server issues, limits and problems with CMS-site generators (especially images), image management, code maintenance, monitoring, etc.---which all bear on total costs and impact on the business (including frustration, damaged attitudes and morale when a project fails to meet potential because it was not planned and managed correctly).

  • Intelligent management looks at "Life-Cycle" cost to balance direct front-end costs with long-term costs and impacts: maintenance costs, usability, ease of repair, flexibility, effectiveness and impact on the business and staff/management), time requirements, and other factors which add up to way more cost or value impact than first costs.

  • Long-term Promotion and selling effectiveness are the most important costly functions integral to design that may be overlooked, due to "average" designers. Ask yourself why NOT ONE web design company besides BG Design cautions the crucial design choices from careful planning of promotion based on time restraints, skills, resources and budget of the company in choosing to emphasize paid or organic or other promotion; The answer is ... they never even thought about it! (Do you want that kind of ineptitude guiding your web presence?) Without correct promotion, a site is usually a waste of time and money (there are exceptions, when it is an adjunct to sales agents, etc.).

Novices in business seldom think about any of this, to their later surprise (IF they ever understand some of it). Their thinking is "2-dimensional". They listen to bad advice. They don't see the big picture They get beaten by smarter competitors.

We cover these important issues in depth in our articles.

Don't be fooled. There is NO Free Lunch. Anything cheap is cheap for a reason. Big companies pay WAY MORE to get the kind of work we do done, even more exhaustively, and their sites cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more---for good reasons.

Basically you get what you pay for, pretty much. You can get a quick cheap and dirty site to get started, and to draft and play at it for a while, but eventually you need a professional business website. You should at least know the differences.

Although we believe her estimates are about 30% low in some cases, we suggest you view an independent authority's estimates of what web design costs were recently, at Read the mid and lower part carefully and note her more complete website estimates.

Keep in mind we disagree with this expert as to desirability of certain suggestions, such as Flash, and find her estimates on handling images and graphics work to be a bit low. She is correct that CMS sites just often don't cut it in the mid to long run, and transition from them becomes an expensive nightmare. Use them as little as possible and for separate special purposes. We can provide editable areas on pages.

Life Cycle Costing, Impact and Opportunity to Beat "Seat of the Pants" Competitors (most):

In sum, we urge you to look at Life-Cycle and "Impact" costs, and whether the time and effort over 2 or 3 years will be wasted (even if direct costs were cheap) and have a negative impact and risks, or whether it will help the business improve and sell at the lowest cost over 3 to 6 years.

Capable, educated management will not only think about all these factors, they will utilize the site design process to refine or review part of their all-important marketing strategy. (Real companies have formal strategies based on competition research, SWOT and resources evaluation and product line breadth and positioning. If those are not familiar to you, you should study those crucial points required for success. See Business Sense, D. Thomas)

If the research, planning, and design process not only helps hone the strategy and positioning, and ends up not being inadequate for the job--- a company can come out FAR AHEAD of it's "shoot from the hip", "seat of the pants", "what's the latest fad that's cheap" competitors.

So, understand that slightly higher front-end direct costs and planning can make a HUGE difference in the business and sales: A few hundred dollars more and a little more planning can make tens of thousands of dollars difference in outcome and impact over the 4 to 6 years prime life of a design and code.

New or Existing sites:

We work on a "Pay as you go" basis. Neither us nor you gets far ahead of the other.

If you are seeking a nice new reliable, maintainable, portable, website and have none at present, show us what you like that you see, or something you tried previously, for ideas.
There is No setup fee and NO charge for an estimate on a substantially new site (unless you want tentative designs-at hourly rate). It is a FREE estimate for new sites.

General Cost Ranges for types of work. (Actual work may vary depending on requirements):

Existing sites:
Basic maintenance is billed on a time-basis per our Fee schedule. Unless a repair is very visible and easy, we charge a reasonable evaluation fee ($30 or $60) to study your existing site files and programs. This is to help you and us better understand what is involved, what else could be affected. We urge also a "Preliminary Site Critique" (at least) to address a broader range of standards, especially functionality to meet the company's goals, but from the visitor's viewpoint.

Depending on what you want to do, you should sign up for at least $100 of website work so you can receive a $135 Site Critique for Free and we can early begin to focus on overall design priorities, strategic issues and integration therewith.

  • Repairs, adjustments, code updates are by the hour according to out Fee Schedule.
  • Our Fees for Maintenance or Changes is according to our Schedule of Fees. Simple HTML work is $35/hr.
  • Graphics layout, design, sizing and adjustments are $45 per hour.
  • Credit Card gateway work is $45/hr.
  • Custom manual sign-in, or capture, secure areas, or manual credit card secure information work is $45/hr.
  • Installation of Scripts or Updates to PHP Scripts is normally $45/hr. Complex or special work/PHP changes, customization besides basic install, is $65-$85/hr.

New Sites:
  1. New small Simple HTML Website 4-7 pages, based on simple Template, portable .
    About $300-$600 (depends on images, menu, added features, little customization).

  2. New Small to Medium Size-Complexity Site about 7 -12 pages, 1 form, some image installs, based on simple to moderate template, slight customized.
    About $600-900.

  3. New Medium to larger-Medium Size-Complexity Site about 12-18 pages, 2 forms, some image installs, based on medium complexity template, moderately customized.
    About $800-1400.

  4. New fairly complex, moderately large about 16-30 pages, with simple shopping cart, payment gateway setup, about 10 images in the main site plus those for about 12-24 products, slightly complex menu system - depends on degree of customization
    About $1500-4800.

  5. Semi-Custom, fairly complex, some functionality or interaction or secure area, 2-3 forms, install your 2-4 videos, videos or photo gallery (couple of pages), catalogue or shopping cart or similar with HTML landing product pages- Total approx 50 pages..
    About $2800-7600.
    Note: In the above, you provide appropriate images or add some time for our finding and adapting images. You may use stock photos you pay about $5 per each.

  6. Generally
    Pay for hours worked. Estimates give range that work falls within 95% of the time, with points to decide how to continue.

From these examples you can extrapolate or interpolate according to your project. These are rough examples and some cases may fall slightly outside those ranges, higher or lower. For most jobs over about 3 hours, we try to give an estimate if you request.

Additional Services:

Consult our Fee Schedule for other work. Fee schedule at bottom gives some specific examples of how rates apply.

For existing sites, whether we have worked on them or not, Basic webmaster services of monitoring, checking performance, response, load times, consulting hosting Technical Support about outages or loss of data or upgrade or server patch issues, are NOT INCLUDED in normal Web Design work, but may crop up from time to time. Our rates on those issues range from $35 to $45, depending on complexity. We normally do services like hosting change or Domain redirection on request with some planning.

Some people have somehow assumed that just because we worked on a site that everything about it should be monitored and addressed or support sought by us. Although we may check on a site from time to time, we are NOT responsible for nor helping you with those issues unless you have an agreement for Webmaster Services, typically about $$100 per month, to monitor and take care of most minor issues.

We DO however try to keep backups of your site, or parts of your site for "version control" and backups, in case your site gets lost by a hosting company. We can usually restore your site to at least an earlier version within an hour to a day or two for a complex site. We charge between $35 and $45 typically unless the site has some major programming or high level outside tech support necessary in which case we will let you know and on approval do it with a down payment, at our cost plus a small percentage.

In all projects we try to keep you informed regularly and answer questions. Excessive calls, changes, chatting beyond a few minutes will be charged to you at $35 per hour. We enjoy and don't charge for an occasional 10 minutes on a common subject of interest, but we try to stick to business. Try to help us do so.

These fees are Reasonable for a PROFESSIONAL web designer--- For someone with our knowledge and experience, you'd typically pay about 50-60% more. You can only find all that at BG Design.

If you are serious about business... and tired of amateurs, contact us Now!

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