Service Fees

Webdesign Rates - $45 per hr (1 hr minimum charge)

Website new or maintenance of existing site code. Graphics work for header banners, slideshow slides, images for content sections or sidebars.

Script Install or Revisions - $65 per hr (1 hr minimum charge)

Javascript, PHP scripts and/or Ecommerce website new or existing maintenance work.

Custom Programming (from scratch) - $150 - $250 per hr (total hrs includes research and design time)

Javascript, PHP scripts and/or Ecommerce website new or existing custom programming.

Note: Please be advised we have limited space for new clients. Contact us to find out if we currently have available time for your project.

TERMS for MAINTENANCE REPAIR, UPDATES, SITE REDESIGN or Site Maintenance, Repair, Upgrade or Re-Design Work


Please acknowledge this Agreement to Terms of Work:

This is an Agreement between You and Buyers’ Group MG if you have us do ANY work for you, such agreement as follows: Your commissioning (order) of work signifies and constitutes your full agreement herewith, and understanding and acceptance and consent hereto, for ALL work (and licenses for your site on your behalf which we may advance). Any part not enforceable shall not invalidate other parts hereof.

Payment for maintenance, repair, upgrade and redesign work IS PAY AS YOU GO, which means UP FRONT PAYMENT of estimated amount for viewable work (ie: If at half completion the repairs or changes are expected to be visible, that estimated half would be paid up front ),

OR, for established Clients upon prior approval, not more than $100 or $200 credit IF and WHEN you may be approved (larger company, good credit rating), and whether the work is possible to view on our Work Server (if not, you will be required to advance part or all of the estimated cost of the work (such as the first half). Typically we will not do more than $200 work without advance payment, in the manner of a deposit with draw against such for time worked or charges incurred (such as Image license on your behalf).

NOTE: Invoices are DUE ON RECEIPT, Past due after 10 days. All PAST DUE (over 10 days) INVOICES are assessed a $15 late fee and 1.5% of past due balance per month added each month (18% APR on unpaid balance in addition to $15 Initial Late Fee.).

You grant Buyers’ Group MG the right and authority to acquire images that your site needs with typical licenses of $3 (rarely up to $50) each for period typically of a year, or as agreed in specific work. (which specific terms may amend these when so noted).

OWNERSHIP OF WORK, License in Work and Lien upon Work: By commissioning our work, YOU ACCEPT, SIGNIFY and AGREE that ALL the work we do BELONGS TO US, Buyers’ Group MG, until PAID IN FULL, and that you have NO License thereto such programs, code, arrangement, text or pictures, and that until paid in full for work, you have assigned all title, rights and interests in such work, code, text and pictures and arrangement as SECURITY for payment, with a Lien and Ownership Interest therein until paid.

You understand and agree that we therefore own and have the right to keep or remove such unpaid-for work, text, programs, code and pictures (and/or we have a Lien Interest therein constituting a License with total control thereover), and that YOU agree to IMMEDIATELY REMOVE such work/property upon past due date, and allow us to REMOVE from your site any and ALL work we did that is unpaid, whenever we deem such to be so removed while unpaid, and/or you AGREE that such unpaid work is subject to Take Down by DMCA claim of unpaid License to, Lien Security interest in and/or ownership thereto, and additional lien upon the Site for costs and unrealized profits that we should have made for such as originally outlined and agreed. Until paid in full, you agree that the work itself is NOT your property, that the work as typed is the COPYRIGHT and Property of Buyers’ Group MG, with rights to have it taken down as such.

You agree to waive any claims and defenses and hold harmless BG Design, Buyers’ Group MG and it’s associates for such removal. Upon full payment, Buyers’ Group MG will surrender all claims, rights, interest and license thereto such work covered.

For minor work, your hiring us, as above says, constitutes acceptance hereof.

Note 1: We do not work with Flash created websites or objects (i.e. video players) other than to move or rearrange the object code position on a page. Browsers currently default to not allow Flash objects to appear. You might choose to remove all Flash animations and objects from your website to avoid customer issues with visibility or change out the Flash video player to a different player.

Note 2: We do not normally maintain websites we have not created but will consider the work on a case by case basis.